Steam is perfect for relaxation and beneficial to your health. One hundred percent humidity at a temperature of 45 - 55oC makes sweating easy and immediate.

In Roman times steam baths were known all over Europe.

The steam bath is distinguished from the sauna by the amount of moisture in the air and by the temperatures at which bathing takes place. The air in a sauna is desert dry, aided by the timber construction of the walls and ceiling. The sauna usually operates in the temperature range of 80oC to 100oC with a humidity as low as 3% RH.

A steam bath on the other hand is of water resistant construction and operates in the temperature range of 45oC to 55oC with humidity in the order of 100% RH. Yet in spite of the sauna and the steam bath operating so differently, they complement each other in a perfect way! Use your steam bath daily for that get up and go - and your sauna at weekends to wind down after a busy week.


Anyone who has a shower or bath tub can easily convert it to provide outstanding steam bathing facilities while still retaining the original function for shower and bath. Alternatively, Saunair will build your steam room.


SAUNAIR has developed a quality steam room for the garden. This unit can be custom built on site or constructed at our factory in panels then assembled on site.

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