SAUNAIR are pioneers in the design, development and manufacture of fully stainless steel Australian made steam generators for both domestic and commercial applications. The steam generator is a low maintenance unit that can be installed in a basement, closet, vanity etc. Electrical requirements are similar to hot water heaters and a simple plumbing hook-up brings water to the unit and steam into the steam room.

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SAUNAIR steam generators have the following outstanding features:

AUSTRALIAN MADE - Manufactured in Australia by Saunair from the highest quality materials.

PURE STEAM - Saunair specialises in Food Grade quality steam where the steam is generated and separated in the steam generator chambers and generated under no pressure (open to atmospheric pressure).

DURABLE - Full stainless steel construction for long life.

RELIABLE - Excellent operating results.

ECONOMICAL - Short heating up period and low energy operation.

FULLY AUTOMATIC - After the main switch is switched on, the power passes through the control circuit and allows the water to pass through the water inlet into the Cartesian System and then into the vessel.

LOW MAINTENANCE - Designed for easy maintenance.

Saunair steam generators carry a 10 year warranty on construction and 2 year warranty on elements and electrical components.


In practice, there are in fact four recognised grades of steam quality:

a) Industrial steam - steam delivered from a normal industrial boiler;

b) Clean steam - steam raised in a clean steam generator, and usually from de-ionised or distilled water.

c) Pure steam - steam raised in a clean steam generator and always from do-ionised or distilled water with a purity such that it will contain virtually no pyrogens or endotoxins.

d) Saunair's filtered (food grade) steam - normal steam conditioned and filtered to 5 microns or less. The steam generator is open to atmospheric pressure;

Surprisingly, there appears to be only one standard, recognised throughout the world, for this grade of steam. It is commonly known as the "USA's 3A Standard".

The full title is a mouthful:

"3A Sanitary Standard no. 609-00, Accepted Practices for a Method of Producing Steam of Culinary Quality, formulated by the International Association of Milk Food and Environmental Sanitarians, the United States Public Health Service, and the Dairy Industry Committee."

The FDA (Food and Drug Authority) of the USA endorses this standard which in summary calls for:

1. Operating and controlling the steam generator correctly.

2. Only using approved (non toxic) chemicals for treating the boiler feed water.

3. Conditioning and filtering the steam properly, to 5 micron particle size of less.

The first two points are largely self explanatory and are aimed at ensuring that the steam raised is of the highest possible quality and cannot contain any toxic substances. This done, the conditioning and filtering system can then operate at maximum effectiveness.

Your steam falls into category "D" and Saunair has put in place safe and correct procedures to ensure that the most important part of this company, you the customer receives the full benefits of our research and development in this very specialised field.

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