Stainless steel bucket
2. Stainless steel ladle
3. Thermometer
4. Emergency stop located inside or outside the room to stop all equipment.
5. Emergency stop located inside or outside the room to stop all equipment and activate an alarm bell located outside the room.
6. An additional feature to Item No. 4 above - Emergency Stop Function. Cold water sprayed into the room from a large shower rose located on the ceiling via a solenoid valve which is connected in parallel to the emergency stop button. This feature cools down the room to a comfortable temperature.
7. Sauna heater volcanic rocks (per milk crate)
8. Change-over switch
9. 14 carat gold air switch and pneumatic controls
10. Steam hose (2 metres)
11. Light fitting and base
12. Door handles
13. Door
14. Door complete (with frame and hardware)
15. Full glass frameless door and jambs
16. Door closer
17. Treatment wax - 4 litre tin of bees wax
18. Dual filtration system (heavy duty) - Complete System
19. Special O ring for filters
20. Citric Acid Monohydrate (food grade) to descale internal chambers of steam generator
21. 25 kilogram bag of Citric Acid Monohydrate (food grade)
22. PVC Spanner to remove filter cartridges
23. Filter Cartridge -Carbon and hexametaphosphate water purification which inhibits scale and calcium build up and removes chlorine from water supply.
24. Filter Cartridge - .1 micron which removes dirt and sediment from water supply
25. Sauna heater elements (each)
26. Steam generator elements (each)
27. Sprinkler head set at 141oC


28. Stainless steel water reservoir located in between the elements of the sauna heater and covered with volcanic rock. The reservoir must be always full of water to increase relative humidity in the sauna room.
29. Automatic stainless steel water feed chamber which automatically feeds a constant supply of water to the above water reservoir.

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