SAUNAIR are pioneers in the design, development and manufacturing of fully stainless steel Australian made electric sauna heaters for all applications. The classic SAUNAIR sauna heater offers the following outstanding features:

AUSTRALIAN MADE - Manufactured in Australia by Saunair from the highest quality materials. Saunair sauna heaters comply with AS3316 (19.1).

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - Bathing temperatures from
70 to 110 degrees celsius.

DURABLE - Full stainless steel construction and containing heat and acid resistant elements.

RELIABLE - Excellent operating results.

SAFE - Highest safety with inbuilt overheat protector and earth leakage protector.

CONTROLS - Built-in for 6.00 kw and under or remote controls for over 6.00 kw with automatic circuit breaker, 2 thermostats, control circuit breaker, heavy duty contractor, timer and many other safety features.

ECONOMICAL - Short heating up period and low energy operation.

SPECIAL FEATURES - Built in air humidifier and air detector and a large water container in between the elements and below the rocks which may be filled with water.

STEAM GENERATING - Deepest stone containers with the elements in direct contact with the stones giving 100% evaporation - the most proficient performance available.

COMBI STOVE - A stainless steel water reservior is a feature of all Saunair heaters. The reservoir allows humidity levels to be increased when water is poured into it.


Saunair saunas heaters carry a 10 year warranty on construction and 2 year warranty on elements and electrical components.

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